经典美文英语短篇:英语美文摘抄《In Search Of Lost Time》

2021-09-13 20:38

  I remember being so over enjoyed, when a year later, you gently held my hand to your waist and whispered in my ear that we were going to be a family.


  I know both our children love you dearly; they are outside the door now, waiting.Do you remember how I panicked like a mad man when Jonathon was born? I can still picture you laughing and smiling at me now, as I clumsily held him for the very first time in my arms.I watched as your laughter faded into tears, as I stared at him and cried my own tears of joy.


  Sarah and Tom arrived this morning with little Tessie. Can you remember how we both hugged each other tightly when we saw our tiny granddaughter for the first time? I can't believe she will be eight next month. I am trying not to cry, my love, as I tell you how beautiful she looks today in her pretty dress and red shiny shoes, she reminds me so much of you that first day we met. She has her hair cut short now, just like yours was all those years ago. When I met her at the door her smile wrapped around me like a warm glove, just like yours used to do, my darling.



  I know you are tired, my dear, and I must let you go. But I love you so much it hurts to do so.


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